Sinister is a death metal band from Schiedam, the Netherlands, assembled in 1988, disassembled in 2003, and reassembled in 2005.[1] They have released thirteen albums, most recently Syncretism in 2017.

Since its inception in 2007, SEITA’s music is a product of experiences colored by the intensity of a life on the move. Spawning from the cultural
melting pot of Amsterdam, the brutal and unapologetic force brought  by Michel Gambini (G/V), Pablo Minoli (G), Damian Lopez (D) and Mike van
den Heuvel (B) is inspired by the different layers and faces of human struggle. //

In a world full of bands fighting over musical originality and technical skills, ONEGODLESS decides to bring nothing new for a change. Since everything already has been done, these brave young men decide to do something entirely different: acknowledge their lack of cutting edge, thriving in genuine unoriginality. They proudly walk this beaten path of metal, mixing Metal, Rock and Blues like Pantera, Black Sabbath, Down and Black Label Society. To make sure there’s no misunderstanding about the style of music, ONEGODLESS describe their musical style as HEAVYSTONERBLUESGROOVEROCKSLUDGEMETAL. The heavily riff oriented music trades speed and technical prowess for groove and feel, boldly going where many bands have gone before. It’s a grooving metal machine that doesn’t stop until you’re banging your head to the sound of the riffs. Metal to make you move and groove, yet staying hard and heavy. Founded in 2013 by Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, ex-Exivious, Our Oceans), ONEGODLESS released the 2014 EP “The Beaten Path”, followed by their debut album “Mourner” in June 2017. A new release is currently in the making.


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