Donderpopcafe met Johnny Westone Band en Barney Willemse

Try-out Johnny Westone Band

21.15-22.00  Johnny Westone Band
Johnny Westone’s quest for ultimate musical truth began when he composed his first songs on a 2 track tape-recorder, when he was 16. From that moment on he knew that’s what he was, and what he wanted: Creating music. He started a band called DutchBeat in 2009 and played a number of venues across the Netherlands, when the band’s cohesiveness was no longer effective. Proceeding on alone the following years, as a singer-songwriter, he started recording again, resulting in yet another band, creating the first album “Nothing Left To Do.” From there on he decided it’s time the rest of the world gets to know his sound…

20.15-20.45 Barney Willemse
Barney is een beginnend singer-songwriter uit Medemblik (oorspronkelijk uit Sijbekarspel) in het genre Country (stijl uit de jaren 70/80, zoals de Eagles, George Strait, Merle Haggard etc).





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