Brutal Unrest (De) + Insurrection (Metal Manifesto)

Brutal Unrest (De) + Insurrection (Metal Manifesto)

Metal Manifesto presents: Brutal Unrest + Insurrection

Brutal Unrest was founded in 2002 in Germany with the simple intention to play Death Metal. It took BRUTAL UNREST several years to do their debut demo and a couple of albums down the line. With each release and more attention in the media Brutal Unrest reached a bigger audience gradually. With replacements in the line-up (adding experienced people who earned their respect in bands as Prostitute Disfigurement, Suidakra, Resurrected) the music became faster and more diversified through the years.

So BRUTAL UNREST recorded their album “Nemesis” in 2012 which got mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken. “Nemesis” was released in October 2012 and got rewarded with fantastic reactions in media and an even bigger growing fanscene. Since then Brutal Unrest has shared the stages together with Bands like Vomitory, Aborted, Fleshcrawl, Cliteater, Vile, Putrid Pile, Defeated Sanity, Cryptopsy and many more.

In  2016 BRUTAL UNREST hit the Soundlodge Studio again to record their new album entitled “Trinitas”. With this record BRUTAL UNREST received a great response from HAMMERHEART RECORDS so an agreement for a Februar 2017 release was reached.

BRUTAL UNREST enriched its brutal sound with a more atmospheric approach of Death Metal, while the brutality and intensity is still present.

“Trinitas” simply said is a killer Death Metal album that sounds top notch, with killer songs, an all out great performance by a band that knows how to create memorable songs that make you want to push the repeat button.


Mothers be warned! Keep an eye on your daughters! Taunting the common standards in extreme metal with their melodic, yet aggressive music, Dutch Insurrection brings you an exciting fresh breeze of catchy riffs, pounding bass and fast and tight drums. All topped off with frenzying and insane vocals!

Hailing from the north of Holland and founded in 2008, Insurrection features (ex-) members of Enraged, Polter and Crushing Jackhammer. The band did a whole shitload of national and international liveshows during the past couple of years and shared stages with metal icons such as Destruction, Cryptopsy, Darkane, Evergrey, Masterplan and Hypocrisy amongst others.

On february 1st 2015, Insurrection finally presented their critically acclaimed first 6-track EP ‘Catatonic’, released on Big Bad Wolf records. Featuring almost half an hour of melodic thrashin’ death metal, forcing you in keep hitting that play button over and over again!

In the meantime Insurrection has been very busy in writing new tracks for their upcoming full-length album, which should be recorded by the end of this year. So if the gods are with us, the Metaldays audience might get a slight preview of those good things to come!


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